In order to get there SocialVerse we have an initial go-to-market of building a user moat by filling the niche of long format vertical video that. As a team we are fully dedicated to building this project and changing the relationship between humans and social media. Our core team, and a bunch of famous influencers who are already signed on to the platform will be livestreaming the growth and story of the building of the future of Social Networking in real time directly from the heart of LA.During Phase 1 we are representing ourselves to the masses as a tiktok for vlogs, stories, and podcasts. Acting as the niche platform for long vertical video that will easily be linked and viewed through tiktok’s platform via our Web App. This unique feature will allow us to use tiktoks massive user base to move our target audience onto platform, into web3, and furthering to develop our ecosystem. We believe the decentralized platform that wins will have massive community involvement which is why we are releasing a SocialVerse token for users to be a part of making changes to the platform, and vote on its future.We are following A16Z’s progressive decentralization roadmap for our platform.

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Jul - September 2021

Consumer Research

Creator Interviews

Idea Formulated

Start Web-App Development

Create NCAL (National Creators Athletics League) for influencers to join and exclusive content rights for SocialVerse.

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October - December 2021

Continue Team Recruiting

Web-App Launch

SocialVerse  Influencer House Launch

Start Growth of Telegram Community Channel

On Contract 20m in following to post on TikTok Bi-Weekly and lead to SocialVerse  (Track Conversions to get CPI metrics)

UI/UX App designs

Release Whitepaper + Tokenomics

DAO Conceptualization

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January - March 2022

Build Out Tech Team

Begin Swissnote Development

Begin Video Links Development

Begin SocialVerse Wallet Development

Verbal Commit 500m in TikTok Following to being on Platform

Begin Basement Experiment [Raise Seed Round LIVE]

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April - June 2022

Launch SocialVerse App on iOS + Android MVP + Airdrop Token

Allow SocialVerse Viewers to Earn Token Via watching and creators to Earn via Engagement

List CMC & Coin Gecko

Allow Polls feature in the videos

Add Crypto Wallets for SocialVerse Users

Launch SocialVerse Swap allowing Trading and Swapping of Tokens

Personal support agents for creator onboarding

Push Contacts forward for Major CEX listings, Coinbase, Binance and KuCoin

Signup over 1B in TikTok followings who posted referring their followers to our platform

Develop In-App video sorting system

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July - September 2022

Allow Minting of videos as NFT

Creation of NFT Marketplace

Video sorting mechanism

Release Working Ads Network

Allow to choose own story paths for Media Content

No-Code to Social Platform Builder Release allowing anyone to create decentralized communities access through SocialVerse Platform

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5-year plan: Increase
the world's attention span

Create SocialVerse Application for AR/VR app-stores allow viewing of SocialVerse Feeds inside of Metaverse

Creation of what we call the "SocialVerse"

Creation of Human Powered Artificial General Intelligence;

30 Year Plan: Education to the highest Degree

Ensure As Much As Humanity has the right perspectives for when we react the Singularity Point.